Marianne is a professional photographer based in the Philippines. She is the co-owner of a music, audio, and mixing studio business called EM Productions, a Social Media Marketing Head and Design Artist of their family digital and off-set printing company, Crown Printers, and part-owner of an online local skincare brand, Lather Goods. Juggling all the work in between, she has been blogging since 2009 as an avenue to showcase her starting career and portfolio in photography then began to extend her blog content with more of her personal stories, lifestyle, travels, and random experiences come year 2014.

First things first, let's say it right. It's "sai-nuh-shoor." The word is defined as something or someone that serves as a focal point of attention. This blog simply contains anything or anyone that catches Marianne's attention or interests. With a bulky camera always on hand, she tries as much to capture every detail surrounding anything about lifestyle, social gatherings and events, food, travels, art finds, and maybe even her low-key sense of (no)style for she is still learning the art of confidence and love of the self. At the same time, her goal is to inspire anyone who stumbles upon this blog with her take on photographs, stories, and sometimes crazy ideas.

Hopefully, Marianne can keep up within the blog-o-sphere as she wishes to be able to explore beautiful places, meet more creative, influential, and inspiring people, also to live a healthy and clean lifestyle with more self-love, and be a blessing to all.