The Valdes White House

by - April 03, 2017

In the events industry, mainly weddings, it is not new to see people from down south head up north just to take breathtaking photos. There are a lot of places to fall in love with in Ilocos Norte and to emphasize these love stories, couples drive and fly up here to take stunning photos. You see, it is not only the grand windmills, the beaches, sand dunes, empanadas, and churches that's worth coming here for. What's nice is how we try to keep our culture vivid as possible by preserving what is left of us. You'll never know what's lurking within our province like this ancestral home sitting pretty along the high-way of San Nicolas. Popularly known as The Valdes White House, it even gets more interesting when you learn more about this lovely place.

According to an article, "This beauty was built in 1927 by a well respected civil servant and landowner, Don Baltazar Valdes, the first Town Mayor of San Nicolas (1900-1901), who was married to Claudia Bonoan during the American Regime. The residence is an architectural gem, fusing elements of American colonial architecture with FIl-Hispanic influence. A unique feature of the house is the sumptuous use of stained glass all over, which is best appreciated from the interior. At the height of World War II, this house was used as a headquarters of the Japanese during the Occupation, and then after by the Americans during the Liberation. This ancestral home is lovingly preserved and intact both inside and out, with an elegant period ambiance."

It was a pleasure to be able to meet the owners of the house. Being toured around made me realize how much it meant to them and how much it holds so much history. There still were old portraits on the wall, a bath tub that's ages old, a kamarin on the backyard with the most beautiful barn doors I've ever seen, rich wooden floors and a strairway that got shinier and prettier as it aged, you can actually feel the antiquity that has been carefully kept and presserved by the whole Valdes family. Not to mention how sweet of them as well sharing their stories, they had no sweat reminiscing every single detail about the house and how they grew up within these walls, while having us drink this aromatic tea that I was too shy to ask for more.

The family thought they wanted to share this beautiful history and its stories out in the open. They figured it is about time for the curious ones to appreciate it. The Valdes family then tapped Ms Mara Manuel of Belladita Events to come up with an appealing way to introduce the house to those who'd want to indulge in the classic elegance that it naturally has by setting photo or video shoots within the vicinity. And to come up with that, they also tied up with Ava's Cakes & Events to style the place for a photo session all captured by my dear friend and colleague, destination photographer, Pop Manuel. To cap it all off, I got to be a part of it by getting first dibs during the tour, the stories they had to share, meeting the family, the exquisite feels - before anyone else does and the sumptuous tea I will never forget.

The Valdes White House is now opening its doors as the only "Indoor Home & Garden Studio in the North" which allows photo or video sessions and small intimate events. Although this home is in good condition, the owners have set some strict terms and conditions to serve only to those who abide by them in order to maintain its picturesque quality and state.

For bookings and inquiries, please feel free to contact ONLY:
Ms Mara Manuel - +639081200447
Brgy. 2, Nat'l Highway, San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte
Visit their Facebook Page: The Valdes White House


Planning & Coordination: Mara Manuel of Belladita Events
Photography: Pop Manuel Photography
Styling & Details: Ava's Cakes & Events
Model: Nympha Cielo Vicente
Dresses: Arwat by Jaynny Lao

Enjoy the photos, everyone!

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