Keeping Up with the Pastors

by - January 04, 2016

A family portrait session I got to do that didn't need any of my help. I was booked early then just had to show up on the day of the shoot. It was pure fun, screaming, and laughter the whole time. I love spontaneous portraits! Also, it only took us a couple of hours to shoot because the scorching summer sun was really painful. I totally love the photos turned out - very lively and full of love! My tip for planning such photo sessions? Just be yourself and I'll follow, snapping away like you never hired a photographer. Sometimes I even think my clients think i'm a rip-off during a shoot (haha) because most of the time, I don't direct or tell them what to do but I always make sure that in the end, (like I always say...) you ENJOY THE PHOTOS!

We documented it in video too. You can watch all the fun HERE as well!

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