Soft Wind Kisses for Alisha

by - May 21, 2015

Tim Walker once said that as a photographer, it should be your aim to capture a picture of a certain person that means something because portraits are not fantasies, they need to tell the truth. It has been more than six years, taking photos of people and portraits and every time I get the chance to do it, it makes me want to learn more.

There will always be something new and it's what keeps me curious as to why we never run out of fresh encounters. 


Alisha wanted her and her baby bump photographed so she called me to do it for her. We wanted something to portray the softness and calmness of a woman, raw and real but not exaggerated, the beauty and grace of how she feels like to be bearing a child. No fancy themes and floral crowns, just her wedding veil and pregnant self. We went back to the spot where they did their pre-wedding pictorial and under the scorching summer heat, she pulled it off really well. Watching these photos made me forget the weather, how we got tanned in a matter of minutes, all the sweat and thorny weeds along the rock formations. Working on portraits and capturing moments in pictures, these kind of workload, no matter how "work" related it might seem explains exactly why I can and will not stop doing what I am doing wholeheartedly.

Enjoy the photos!

Hair & Make-Up: Audrey Adora
Location: Burgos, Ilocos Norte

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