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Meet Tina. :)

I personally know her as the main culprit of exposing the wonderful places and great finds in our pretty province, Ilocos Norte. She is the explorer behind all the wanderlusting and foodgasms in her blog, which I think is very timely because yesterday, it just hit its 1st million views!

We met online. I was once an enthusiast in photography and I started sharing my photo works in flickr. Tina Tan was one of the populars for her photos were mostly featured in "Explore" almost every week. I came across her flickr gallery which contained mostly of nature photos and food. She is an interesting person online, even more when we finally met in person. 

Her heartbeat for exploring can not be tamed. Now, her blog has expanded to greater heights as she is featuring not only anything under the ilocos sun but has been writing about everything and everywhere her wandering toes lead her to. She doesn't mention a lot about her milestones but because I am as proud as how she is humble, let me just say that she is now living the life of a legit explorer slash foodie slash travel blogger. I have no grounds to mention her great stories because it'll always be a blogger's secret to keep things to herself. Haha! Can we just let her blog do the talking for her, yes?

May you never get tired of sharing wonderful things to me, to us, to your followers. 
Congratulations on your 1 million views and counting! 
To you, more exploring and foodgasms to infinity & beyond!

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