Where Life Begins

by - December 03, 2013

.... and love never ends.

Meet family Delos Santos :)

The girls' HMUA: Mara Manuel 
Asst. Photographer: Ulysses G

It was their mom, tita Mitzie who called me up she wanted to have their family portraits taken in celebration for their upcoming wedding anniversary this December. Also, since their kids came home for the holidays because the boys are studying out of town, why not take the free time for granted. Now that the whole gang was complete, we saved the date! It took their mom quite some time to convince the guys to do a photo shoot. I didn't even bother asking why... they're guys! Hehe! Also, we wanted something out of the traditional family portraits so we went to the beach. We wanted something very very candid, lots of energy, laughter, and micro moments. I was surprised how all of them were down for the shoot on the day, specially the guys. Taking their photos was a breath of fresh air. Everyone was happy, everyone bonded, it was so full of love! 

Enjoy the photos! Have a great week everyone!

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