Mara Manuel Make-up Artistry: Five Years and More

by - November 25, 2013

Before the year ends, I wouldn't want to miss greeting an artist who has grown so much through her craft. Now she is stepping onto higher heights gracefully in her career. I feel really lucky and blessed to literally see how her world is moving from where she started and where she already is. I can't wait to see where her artistry is going to lead her.

Ever dearest Mara Manuel, congratulations on your 5th year in the field of Make-Up Artistry! It is always a pleasure to work with you from the beginning, up until the now and in the coming future. Cheers to greater experiences, humbling escapades, and a long lasting friendship! 5 Years is just the beginning of what the heavens has in store for you. xoxo

I am so glad i called you "Bianca Valerio of the North" a couple of years ago during your first make-up workshop. Look at you now! *bongga!*

This is the first set of the many photo sessions and escapades we had to celebrate her 5th Anniversary. Please be patient with me... enjoy the photos! :)

HMUA: Mara Manuel
Photos by Marianne Pasion
Models: Jenille Castro & Chin Eugenio, Tricia Domingo, Nicole Rudio, KC Rosario

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