by - July 17, 2013

I have been wanting to have a portrait shoot like this for a long time. I've even tried to plan one and make it happen the moment I get a chance to do personal work. Simple, raw, bright & natural = 4 of my favorite words put into photographs!

Sophia is a sweet yet shy little girl. Maybe because it was her first time to actually experience a photo session with me. It took us quite a while to get her in the zone while I was taking her photos in rapid shutter clicking. I didn't want her to feel uncomfortable so we kept on talking while we were shooting. I was asking her random questions while she answered back with tiny smiles & a shy tone. 

I love her random awkwardness. The way she fixes her hair, the way she stares blanky, close her eyes, then throws a smile as we keep on talking while I take her photos. 
This is Sophia.

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