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One thing i learned from keeping this site easy to update is preparing photos in advance so that the next time I need to post, all i have to do is upload. Why didn't i thought of this before?!

So here goes. It's been quite a long time since I last stepped into Red Dot. The shop has a new corner exclusively for skin care & make-up goodies called Vanity Play. Yesterday was an accomplishment. I seriously missed the place! I've been seeing posts in facebook talking about new skin care and make-up brands already making it to the shop. I don't get all excited when it comes to make-up though. I only need a real good brow enhancer, lipsticks, eyeliners & mascaras (which i barely use), cheek blush and lip balms. I don't use powder or any kind of foundation at all.. ever! A non-sticky sunblock or argan oil then a real light BB Cream will do.

Skin care products are a different story! I absolutely love trying out toners, oils, soaps, moisturizers and the girls' all time favorite, sheet masks! One thing I don't really talk about in this site is my absolute excitement for skin care products. I could try a toner and then switch to another brand when i'm done with it. Same goes with smothering oils all over my face and then the next time i'm done with a bottle, i'd be using another kind of moisturizer. Keeping your skin stuck with only one type of skin care product is like keeping your skin from enjoying life. Haha! The only thing I always consider though when buying skin care products is that it should be all-natural, preferably organic, and should not have too much alcohol  in it because it dries the skin.

I saw brands that we only got to order online before or were only available in Manila. The FACE Shop, Etude House, & Snoe are some of the brands that made me all giddy and excited. If TonyMoly will be a part of Vanity Play too then my life is complete! Young and fun scents from Zen Zest were spotted too and a huge selection of nail polishes from diff brands. The most exciting part is I found my favorite toner in the shop, I grabbed it right away. Haha! I also got some sheet masks to keep me sane after a long day's work in front of the computer. I surely will be visiting again and again and again. I plan to try the Snoe argan oil when i'm done with my other brand of argan oils. *tihee*

This toner is love! It keeps my skin feeling soft, supple and the super duper fine powder in the mixture keeps my skin shine-free! It smells really refreshing too.
These Goody goodies have been in the shop for a long time already. I got to remind myself to have one pretty brush when i get back. :)
a Red Dot visit is not complete without going through the collection of Plains & Prints.
Happy me after the Red Dot visit, we still had time for some snack at Johnny Moon Cafe.
Rain & shine on a gloomy weather as we headed home. :)

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