by - July 31, 2013

Escaping for a short moment on a Monday to breathe even on a rainy afternoon is one of the things we are so grateful for. Always make time to make yourself feel wonderful. Visiting our most favorite place away from the city even just for a while was just enough to get me through all the chaos of the week. I didn't even notice it's almost weekend already.

Come with me to a place of fantasy
I'll take you to a sea-saw
Come with me to a place that's by the sea
I'll take you to a boardwalk
Take my hand, I'll take you to the sand
You and me will build a castle
~Sia Kate Isobelle Furler

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  1. hi my dear!

    you and your amazing blog have one in the best of the blogs campaign for august 2013! congrats!

    check it out here:

    wishing you a very lovely day


    1. Yay! Thanks, love! checked it out already. :D so honored!

  2. you're so cute :) i'm glad you're so happy!
    i'm happy too, for the fact that you participated and for the fact that i was able to got to know your creative blog.

    have a wonderful week!