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Oh my! After quite a while of waiting, i finally got my order of cellphone case for my baby GS3 from Cases for your Gadgets and I am super excited to share a little review about it as well.

First of, let me just introduce you to Cases for your Gadgets. It is an online shop owned and managed by an Ilocana. I feel proud learning that she's from Norte and how her products are so popular. :D Her facebook page has an astonishing number of likes and caters to almost everywhere to anyone dying to have their gadgets all dolled up. I for one is not exempted. 

Cases for Your Gadgets sell housings and cases for Blackberry,Samsung, iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 3G/3GS, iPod touch 2nd-4th gen, iPad iPad2, iPad 3 and Nokia. They all have unique, hip and trendy cases for your gadgets to make you stand out from the rest. They also ship WORLDWIDE!

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The moment I got my hands on the package, i used it immediately! I was on an event, working but i was too excited, i had to slip the casing on my celly right there and then. Haha! I ordered only 1 since it was my first, and i also wanted to make sure about it but the very lovely owner of the shop gave me two! How sweet is that! Luckily, it was one of the cases I was eyeing before i decided on my final order. Taking photos for my Instagram feed just got way way better, more fun, and stylish! Super duper thanks CFYG!

Before you read on, i would just want to mention that this is my first product review,  and I promise you guys that all the words that come out of this blog is pure honesty! And because I am too excited, here are the photos! Enjoy!

Adorable S3 cases from CFYG!
This is my first order from CFYG. To tell you the truth, it actually looks even way better than the sample photo. It has a neat matte texture and the prints feel like they were embossed, also like hard leather so it really has that "high quality" vibe. For reals!
I got the one with purple florals for free. So sweet! 
Look who came along with me in the garden to take photos of these pretty cases. Meet our little girl, Max
This is what I my celly is wearing right now. :D

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