Jessica X Jaynny Lao Designs

by - April 02, 2012

Meet Eva Jessica. :) A really sweet friend of mine I met through common friends during college. She'll be leaving the Philippines really soon with his fiance this month. So sad they aren't going to tie the knot here where all of us, their friends and her family could witness their magical day! Anyway, I am super stunned to be able to shoot their pre-nup photos before they leave the country. Deets on the pre-nup shoot on another post. Haha! Sorry.
Anyway, we did a really quick solo shoot after their lovely pre-nup shoot with his hubby-to-be! We had these really beautiful maxi dresses made by the iloco designer, Jaynny Lao. Also, I've been longing to take Eva's portraits for a long time already. So glad we finally made it happen even on a super short time. I hope this won't be my first and last shoot with Eva. Her leaving the country makes me sigh but I know how time flies so fast, i'm already looking forward to have a longer photo shoot with her.

H&MU: Miss Mara Manuel
Dresses: Miss Jaynny Lao


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  1. eVA jESICA bAYSAApril 2, 2012 at 9:28 AM

    wow..thanks marianne:) me too, i'm looking forward to do another shoot;) you are such a talent and i am so proud of you:) *huggs* :)