3/7 TOTE-ally Scarfy Challenge

by - March 01, 2012

I wore it as a tote! :D

tote: Red Dot scarf // tops: Zara animal print tank top + Giordano black top // leopard print flats: H&M

Here are the super easy steps to make it happen:
Lay out your scarf, silky side down
get two opposing corners and tie it once...
drag it until it reaches both ends
lay it on the side and let the 4 corners meet until you make a fortune cookie shape
Put the corners together using a rubberband. It's okay to tie it but since it's silk, you'll never know when it's gonna slip so if you don't want your things getting all messed up on the floor, use a rubberband. Make  sure it's camouflaged with the color of your scarf. 

Sooooo, you better grab your very own Red Dot scarf now (F.R. Castro Street, Laoag City) and make your own cute tote!

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