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Last friday was our city's official fiesta date and the usual street dance pageantry is one of the most awaited event to most photographers in the vicinity. It's been a routine for me to glue myself in front of the capitol under the high sun earlier before the parade starts just to have a good spot to take photos while enduring the heat. It's been like this for 4 years. O.o

This year, I refused to do so. :) Since i've had a huge collection of dance parade pictures from the same event in my external harddrive, I decided to ditch the parade, go to the venue when the sun is not too harsh, and enjoy a hassle free shoot. 

I usually go at 1:00 PM and by that time, the venue wouldn't be too packed yet so i get to have one of the cooles spots but this year, Eric and I went at 4:00 PM. Just like it is every year, the venue was choked with expectators and I barely watched the competition. Like I said, I wanted a hassle free shoot. :)

That is why i celebrated the opening of our fiesta, Pamulinawen with my fellow ilocanos soliciting to smile at my camera! I randomly approached people who were watching the parade, roaming around, sitting on the park, passing by, and stuff like that. I've been wanting to do this project for quite a long time and eventually forgot about it. It came back to me when I realized that there's nothing more heart-warming in welcoming everyone to the city's fiesta with the people who live in it sharing us a thoughtful smile.

I got rejected a couple of times though while asking permission from random people to take their portraits. Others even ran away from we while laughing, others asked a lot of questions why I would want to take their photo then eventually refuse, i even had to persuade some until they give in, while most were very generous enough to share a smile. To all of the faces who contributed a warm smile for this post, THANK YOU so much!

Happy Fiesta Laoag City... The City of Sunshine and SMILES! <3 

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