For the love of singing!

by - December 29, 2011

Way back my grade school days, I've always been a member of our school choir. I have no idea how I always ended up singing in a choir but it was something i never thought i'd enjoy doing. When I entered high school, I ended up as a choir member again and during my high school years, that's where I felt how little i know about notes and musical stuff. As long as I hit the right notes with my alto voice, all is well. In the long run, I eventually learned how to read a piece, poke the piano keys every time we learn our lines during choir practice, I even learned how to always have an imaginary metronome in my head to stay with the beat as we all sang our hearts out.

You see, high school is always the most unforgettable part in my life. The very popular Samiweng Singers now has a super special place in my heart. Seriously, as i am typing this post, i can't help smiling while my eyes are starting to get teary. As a Batch 2005 graduate of Ilocos Norte National High School (Special Program for the Arts), I feel super lucky enough to be part of the core members of the Samiweng Singers founded, headed, conducted, mothered, and disciplined by the super duper loved and respected Mr. Pompeyo Robert Caluya way back first my year of high school. :D

Yesterday was a reunion of the Samiweng Singers from the first batch to the current. Some of us showed up since not all was able to come home for the holidays but it a splendid day indeed. I went there with BJ and Mondy, 2 of 10 my choirmates turned high school friends. We all wished all of our batchmates were there... we all know how much jealous they are right now! Haha!

Anyway, it was very heartwarming to see how much the choir has grown. Most of the SPA's population are now music majors, almost more than half, actually and the school was able to form 2 more choirs: INNHS Youth Choir and the Laoag City Children's Choir! 

It's an amazing feeling and as i come to think more of it, I realize that it all started just for the love and passion for music and singing... nothing more, nothing less.

i waaaant!
THE Sir Caluya (middle) with his co-conductors Sir Beck and Sir Winnie. He has been mentoring them for years!
BJ, friend and co-choir batch mate!
the choir during our years. Haha
rachel, gich and BJ
Sir Beck, now conducting with FIERCENESS! Way back, he was the shy type watching us singing while Sir Caluya's conducting us. Hihi
reminds me of high school choir days *tear
the alumni who showed up. Haha!
the piano used during rehearsals. I still remember my first audition! 

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  1. aw!!! nakakainis talaga wala kami!! nakakaiyak yung picture ng mga alumni... haaay...