And when I'm quiet you break through my shell

10:39:00 AM

Here's a quick post before I procrastinate any longer on updating this blog for this month. I'm sorry it's been quit here lately. Time becomes shorter and tighter during my Decembers but as much as I can, i promise to keep this updated so here goes!

This was a shoot for my very pretty make-up artist, Ms Mara Manuel with her BFFs! She all did their make up! :D It was a bit frustrating before the shoot started because we had to wait for hours for one girl but it all went so well. We caught the sun almost on time but it was enough although I really wanted to capture them longer outdoor.

Enjoy the photos!

©MGP Photography1
©MGP Photography30
©MGP Photography32
©MGP Photography41
©MGP Photography43
©MGP Photography61
©MGP Photography76
©MGP Photography81
©MGP Photography96
©MGP Photography107
<©MGP Photography109
©MGP Photography124
©MGP Photography144
©MGP Photography153
©MGP Photography178
©MGP Photography188
©MGP Photography201
©MGP Photography207
©MGP Photography215
©MGP Photography224
©MGP Photography227
©MGP Photography241
©MGP Photography242
©MGP Photography266
©MGP Photography267
©MGP Photography281

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