Pictures and Planner

by - October 04, 2011

Sorry for not keeping this blog updated the past weeks. I've been itching to but i have something wonderful cooking up. :D

For the mean time, since i've restricted myself from photo updates for a while, i've come up with something you guys would hopefully enjoy.

My 2012 Planner's almost done and i'm planning to give away a copy to ONE super lucky person if and only if you guys are up for a little mini internet contest so please, please join. Hihi! This'll be my first and if it turns out well and if you guys enjoy it, i might do it again.

I'll be keeping you posted in facebook, twitter, tumblr and this blog for more details. Just click on the links, add me up, follow or even stalk me if you wanna keep yourself updated with this mini contest! I'll be posting the instructions super soon when i can finally get a hold of the planner/book.

For now, here's a preview of the cover:

Have an inspiring day everyone!

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