Up for Grabs!

by - June 03, 2011

I got new business cards for Maryaneee Photography and EM Productions! It's been super long ago since I gave away a business card because i lost my phone one day and then I got lazy to make a new one with my new number on it. But anyway, here they are!

I like how they turned out although it got stretched an itsy bitsy. I'm planning to have it reprinted, a better version next time but still with the same minimal design. I really am a bit irritated with the stretched look.

FYI, at the back of my card, that's me doing my favorite hair tossing action and it is a must in my card so you will remember me forever and how i love hair all over the air! <3

White, neat, and simple is the way to go! I hope you like 'em. Grab one now!

Maryaneee Photography + EM Productions
Front of my card :) *my header design*
Maryaneee is YOUR photographer + the hair toss action! Love!
EM Prods card's back view + a very sleek and simple detail to give it an umph! 

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