Giannis Coffee: Coffee at its best!

by - June 24, 2011

Here's a quick post for the caffeine addicts out there :) Lately, Maryaneee Photography had a photo session for the coming back of Giannis Coffee in the city! Personally, i was excited when Eric and I heard that they're reopening their coffee shop after a couple of years, and they're coming back with even greater coffee concoctions!

Also, i got excited about having the opportunity to shoot for their menu and here's a quick preview of Giannis' menu. This is not the final lay-out and design yet but because the shop has already soft opened, i might as well show you guys what's in store and also, my work in progress. :)

We still have a lot to shoot before we finalize the real menu + fliers and some wall art for the shop. Spread the word! See you around because I feel like i'm definitely going to be there quite often nowadays!

temporary menu:
(click photo for larger viewing)

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