I feel like a noob: Street Pageantry

by - February 21, 2011

These were taken during this year's Pamulinawen Festival. I am the MOST LATE photographer in the whole wide world. :)) I should have uploaded these a couple of weeks ago but i had no time to sit down and work on them.

Anyway, I personally am not a fan of shooting festival dance parades because ours is the time of the month in the Philippines where the sun starts to be scourging HOT! But I went anyway with the coolest photographer friends who I had an exhibit with the same month + my budding videographer boyfriend came along too. :)

I did not take a lot of photos, obviously. I really wasn't "in the zone" to shoot during that time but oh well, I hope you enjoy!

IMG_4141 copy
IMG_3967 copy
IMG_4041 copy

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