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3:22:00 PM

Been hooked up with Mr. GT's photography team lately for weddings and other events. I have not been uploading photos from the events i've been c0-covering because it's too many and it's Mr. GT's rights in the first place.

Anyway, the last wedding we covered was special because it was Mr. GT's birthday (January 3rd)! :)) Yep, he was working on his birthday! But the best part is that this wedding was one of the most stress-free weddings we've covered. First because when it was time to eat during the reception, we actually ate at the same time with the guests, unlike before where we can only actually have time to eat after the reception, when everybody is gone. O.o Second, there were no people from the guest demanding so much for pictures of themselves, or others following us around telling us how to shoot and requesting a lot photo-ops that eventually might not be printed on the book. And third, it was a fun wedding shoot because we were all excited to attend Mr. GT's own surprise party rendered by his friends. :))

Happy Birthday Mr. GT! :)) Having a ciggy while waiting for the bride to come out of her room.
the team + Mr. GT after the wedding ceremony.
party lights, dancing music and smoke machines after the reception
photobooth happiness after the reception!
Surprise birthday party for "THE" Mr. GT at Kalye Lagasca//RestoBar (photo from Mr. GT's Facebook)

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