I still think that your games are cute

by - January 06, 2011

Last January 4th was the boyfriend's birthday and it was my very first time to spend his birthday from 2AM to 11PM. I felt like it was his best birthday ever! Lol! He gifted himself "time" and so did I.. and pigging out as usual!

During the afternoon, we had a late lunch date at the mall. It was so "free" to be in the mall during afternoons because it's school days again and there aren't so many people in there. We love it so much when it's that way. I do not know why but we just really do not like crowds, it's annoying.. the noise and all. When it gets crowded already, we leave as soon as possible. lol! Well, except when we really have to be there.. so whatever.

While waiting for our food, i asked him if it was ok if i requested for the crew to sing him a birthday song, like they always do when it's someone's birthday with all the tambourine and maracas and hats and a little cake with a lit candle and stuff.. but he didn't want to. I wanted to surprise him in the first place, not to ask his permission but i knew he would shrug until the end of the day. So it was worth trying to ask anyway. He's tooooooo low-profile, he doesn't want anyone to "acknowledge" him.. as if he's someone big, lol. Anyway, i'm going to picture spam again to stop me from blabbing.

The birthday boy. That's his happy face already.

face stuffed with complementary bread sticks. O.o
still stuffing himself with the bread sticks. He doesn't keep still, i'm having a hard time taking his photo!
The pasta dish. His favorite, he just likes the bell peppers, actually. Weird person!
mozzarella sticks are TDF! :P
Yay! our Sicily pizza!
and the eating has already begun! Lookey at the cheese! :))
the must-have cheese dip! Good for everything!
we smother the cheese dip on our pizzas. That's just the way it has to be!
gulp! gulp! gulp!
and he is done! :))

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